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Help me plant a new conifer bed!

Well, I finally decided to add more space for conifers - but for now I am saving the grass and sacraficing a row of azaleas near my front door that are quite frankly - too 'hot pink' for me anyway.

I'd love to see what some of the more experienced conifer enthusiasts would suggest(or do themselves) if they had a similar plot.

First a picture of the space,

it's basically the entire area here where there are blooming azaleas, about a 4' wide, 15-20' long, angled bed that leads up to my front door. it also includes the corner 'bulb beds' that you can see various bulb flowering. I am moving those to a garden bed.

Next, my situation. The beds would get strong PNW sun from about 11AM to 7-8PM in mid-summer. My house is situated in zone 8(near Seattle, WA.), but I am in a slight micro-climate, a little cooler winters - more snow - a little more rain - and perhaps warmer summers usually topping out in the mid 80s. The soil is very fast draining sandy-loam.

Finally, my preference in conifers tends to lean towards spruce, deodar/atlas cedars firs and pines - less of the false cypress/hikoki/junipers - though they all have their uses. I also would like a variety of colors, shapes, textures and growth habits. Since it's by the main-walk I was thinking 'special' plants to really enjoy up close. A few cultivars I am already coveting include:

Cedrus atlantica `Saphire Nymph'

Cedrus Deodar 'Devinely Blue'

Abies Concolor 'Archer's Dwarf'

Picea Omoriko 'Nana'

Picea Omorika Peve TijnÂ

Picea Pungens ÂWendyÂ

Pinus Mugo 'Carstens Wintergold'

Abies Procera ÂBlaue HexeÂ

Picea Glauca 'Goldilocks'

Ugh! Okay, you see the dilema! All these beautiful conifers and not enough prime space! I have all of those except Goldilocks and Saphire Nymph. Also from what I have read and the pictures I have seen, most of those should fit OK - not too wide and most under 6-8' tall in 10+ years.

So here's where you experts come into play - which do you think wouldn't quite work(or fit maybe?) and if you could which four or five would you plant. I think I can fit four or five anyway.

Help! :)


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