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Korth Intros, Ditch Lilies and Lilies Blooming

11 years ago

My second thread of the day. Couldn't get the Korth intros into my regular Saturday thread, too many already there. So here they come here. Plus I took pictures of the Ditch Lilies down the street which are in full bloom. Then I also took lots of pictures of the lilies which are blooming all around the garden here. So here it all is :-)

Rocks Cry Out

Wonderfully Made

Face Dancer

Grace Like Rain

Ditch Lilies

More Ditch Lilies

Red Alert Lilies

Tango Lilies

Yellow Speckled Lilies

White Trumpets


Lots of dots on this one.

Small orange lilies.

Small red lilies.

Trumpet lily called Midnight.

A cluster of orange.

Just some melon colored lilies.

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