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question about succession planting...need help

14 years ago

I have lots of things blooming in the spring. In the front of my 60 ft long bed I have lots of daffodils, a few hyacinths, and some crocus. The problem is that after these are done, theres not much there. ANd when i try to put something there I end up digging into bulbs.

I just read a suggestion about planting daffodils, then 1/2 fill hole, add some crocus on top, or other later spring bulbs. But what can you do for continuous season color?

Is there some way to plant something over these that will bloom after the daffodils? I need suggestions.

I have recently gotten into annuals, so I am stocking up on poppies, zinnias etc for next yr. Someone told me that plant poppies over their iris, then pull them when finished and plant cosmos.SO I plan on trying that as well next yr.

I seriously need to completely re-do this bed, now that I have the plants to fill most of it. When it was started about 8 yrs ago, I just spread things out, and planted where ever I had a bare spot.


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