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This year's delights

17 years ago

I learn a lot from the disappointments, but the delights are what keep me gardening every year. What are everyone's top 5 delights this year?


1. The hellebore bloomed for the second time in 5 or 6 years. 2 blosssoms this year, and they're still there after all summer.

2. The little dahlias that I have dug up and thrown in the laundry room for 2 winters in a row (the little kind sold as an annual in a 4-pack)are blooming their fool heads off. One has had as many as 50 blossoms open at one time.

3. The Lewisia cotyledon I bought last year survived (usually listed as zone 6 hardy, I think) bloomed like crazy this spring, and is in bloom again! And it's a gorgeous apricot color--I didn't know what color to expect.

4. Several of my native plants -- anemone, saxifrage, and both species of Sanquisorba that I have -- either bloomed for the first time this summer, or put on quite a show after being so-so the first 2 years.

5. The lilacs on one side of the driveway and the rose Blanc Double de Coubert on the other side were both at their peak bloom at the same time. For 2 weeks you couldn't find a nicer place to sit or stand than the middle of my driveway on a sunny day. Even the pizza delivery guy remarked on how great the yard smelled.

After thinking about what to put in this post, I'm already looking forward to next summer's pleasant surprises.

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