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Who are the "superstars" in your yard this season?

10 years ago

As it is quickly coming towards the end of summer, I am wondering who are the "superstars" in your yard this year, in terms of their growth and blooming power?

Mine are:

1. Quick Fire hydrangea - this one was just planted last year and has demonstrated some tremendous growth this year, with tons of lovely flowers! Just take a look:

2. Geranium "Rozanne" - as you saw in the photo above, this guy was trying to take over my yard! LOL! I only planted some small gallon pots last year, and yet, they are already HUGE this year!!! A non-stoppable blooming machine too. Very nice.

3. Sambucus "Black Lace" - I just simply could not believe how well this guy has done since last year! Not only did it not have much die back (it's grown in a relatively sheltered location), it's also grown to be about 4 feet tall already! Lovely shrub indeed.

4. Morden Sunrise - All of my Morden roses have done superbly well (Morden Belle, Morden Blush) but I really have to mention this guy here - I bought a small pot from CT earlier in the season, I did not like where I planted it, moved it three times, almost got murdered by me, and yet, it came back nicely and now it's blooming!!! Look:

5. Artemisia Silvermound - oh my goodness, I got these in some tiny little pot at the end of the season last year, now it is HUGE! Love it.

6. Nepeta "Walker's Low" - this beauty was in a small pot from Home Depot last year, and now it is almost full size! It was the first to bloom in my yard and now 2 months later, it's still blooming. Gorgeous!

7. Hydrangea Incrediball - Just blooming now. Very nice.

8. Coreopsis "Zagreb" - these guys were planted last year and they are already a huge mound of bright yellow flowers!

I just hope that it was not just a fluke since we had a mild winter in Calgary last year.... hopefully, these will continue to do well here!

What are your "superstars"???

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