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Need an Evergreen privacy screen.

13 years ago

I live in northern NJ in zone 6. Just moved into my first home, backyard is a blank slate and trying out my thumbs to see how green they are. I want to create a private outdoor sitting area. In order to do this I need something evergreen to screen my neighbor's driveway. Considering trees, shrubs, and vines. I have a 4 ft tall split rail fence that it will run along for about 30-40 ft (light will be able to penetrate all sides). I would prefer if the 'plants' would not take up too much space in the yard so that I can plant flowers and smaller shrubs in the foreground, so it could not be more than 5 ft wide. I do not want to use Arborvitae or Boxwoods and Hemlocks are lovely but too big for the space. I am using Manhattan Euonymus trained on a trellis to screen a fence along my driveway but since they tend to attract bees I'm hesitant to use it near my patio. All suggestions for trees, shrubs, and vines welcome! Thank you!

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