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fig trees not fruiting, but healthy...

18 years ago

In fall of 2003 I planted three fig trees, two brown turkeys and a Celeste that I got from a reputable local nursery. They are flourishing and look extremely healthy, filling out to a bush form with those great floppy beautiful leaves. I mulch heavily around their base but haven't fertilized-- they're in pretty good soil and given how lush the growth was I didn't think they needed it.

But I expected this summer to be the summer I got lots of figs. In 2003 the trees each had little figs on them and in 2004 each had a handful as well. But this year? One of the trees had 4 breba figs in the spring that never matured, and this summer despite putting on a major flush of new growth there are no figs on any of the trees.

Why no figs? Do I just need to be patient? I know this is a good area for figs and the trees look so healthy...

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