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Rx for Potted Fig, Yellowing Leaves

16 years ago


I planted a Black Spanish fig this spring in a pot 14" across by 1' tall (sorry, unclear what gallon size this is). In the past couple of days many of the leaves have begun to yellow and fall off.

From reading a 2005 post on soil mixes, my assumption is that the soil is too moist due to planting it in a mix with not enough aeration. Being a newbie, I didn't pay much attention to the soil. I *think* I planted it in 50% potting soil and 50% compost. I also wonder whether the pot is too big for an itty bitty plant, exacerbating the lack of aeration.

Two questions: Do knowledgeable fig gardeners have a better diagnosis? Since it's the hottest part of summer and repotting seems unwise, what should I do? (I'm planning to lay off the watering).

Any feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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