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How do you save time in the garden? I need to know!

15 years ago

Hello, my name is gottagarden and I'm a plantaholic . . .

I love my gardens and spend hours every day working on them. Every year I get to the point when I am just sick of it all, it seems overwhelming. Usually that's in August. This year it's early July. It just seems so much work! I don't want to give it up (couldn't possibly), but I would appreciate any tips and techniques you use to save time. Even small timesavers can really add up when you have a garden the size of mine. (way too big)

I'll start with a couple.

I am always lugging hoses around from this bed to that bed. It involves unscrewing them from the tap, and wheeling the hose cart around to another tap, screwing on etc. This year I invested in several brass "quick connect" hose adapters and Y- connectors so I can quickly just hook in the new hose without unscrewing anything else. It really does save time.

I also bought extra shovels, trowels, hoes, scissors, gloves, so I have a set for each main garden area. Stops me running around trying to find where I left my shovel, what happened to that hoe, etc.

I know these sound simple, trite perhaps, but I garden on a large scale and need to find ways to save time or else I'm going crazy.

Please share your timesavers, I know I'm not the only one who needs help.


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