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The Garden report

fawnridge (Ricky)
13 years ago

Well, I figure I might's well drop my two Lincolns in the dirt and fill you in on the damage. All in all, not as bad as I expected. The worst of it was on the unprotected north side of the garden, where the cold wind rips across the lake.

On the north side:

Fiji Fan Palms - Pritchardia pacifica - did exactly what I expected them to do: lots of windburn, plenty of dead fronds, but the new growth is coming out okay. Don't tell me you can't grow these north of zone 11. My six have been in the ground for almost ten years.

Coconut Palms - lots of dead fronds and the new ones are stunted. Been there before.

Copperpod - Peltophorum pterocarpum - 90% deciduous leaf drop. It looks as naked as it's ever been. The Tillandsia growing in the crotch is throwing out bloom spikes like a porcupine in heat with the extra sunlight.

Uncarina - Nothing but undersized new growth at the tips of the branches.

Interestingly, the big Rubber Tree dropped just its usual weekly load. The Copperleaf to its south lost every leaf. The Fiddlewood scoffed at the breeze and started to bloom. And the Ice Cream Bean Tree - Inga edulis - is solid green, thick leaves, and is starting to grow fruit.

In the rest of the garden:

Well, the Crotons are doing their best to turn into small, leggy trees; leaves have dropped everywhere. The positive to this is that I can underplant them ferns and bromos and tie orchids to the legs. The Copperleaf on the south side of the garden dropped half its leaves but the African Tulip Tree - Spathodea campanulata - held on and is blooming. Tipuana had some leaf drop, Bulnesia dropped everything, but it does that at 70 degrees.

The balance of the plants and trees have no real damage other than some windburn. This is the worst winter damage I've had in our 11 years in Florida. Nothing compared to a hurricane and certainly much faster to recover from as well. The place should look great for you folks by the Swap-a-Que in April.

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