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I may have killed my fig tree. Can anyone help?

10 years ago

When we bought this house there was a potted fig tree in the back yard that produced a ton of figs and was wonderful, however, it had a horrible lean in the pot. It was getting so bad this year we worried it might fall over.

My H thinks it was trying to move into the light as it was near some bamboo that we were growing. We moved the pot and heard a huge snap. There was probably a 2 inch thick root that was at least a foot long that had somehow grown out of the 1 in drainage hole. :(

We scrambled to think what to do and decided to transplant it to our front yard. So now it is up straight and sits better but it is wilting terribly, no doubt from the loss of roots. I transplanted all the soil that it was in so hopefully it will get some nutrients from there.

Is there any hope? Totally dead? Or just traumatized?

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