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How does one start a new hybrid of fig tree?

10 years ago

In the case of the common edible figs, which are seedless to my understanding, how would a person be able to create a hybrid from two different types of fig trees? For example, if I wanted the cold hardiness of one tree, of a tree like Hardy Chicago, and wanted to combine that with a different fruit flavor, say VDB, is there a way to create a hybrid?
I haven't had the good fortune to study at LSU to find out how the hybrids were created there, wish I could have. I understand a little about human genetics, but botanical genetics is all new to me.
From what I have read on the web, LSU varieties were created for the southern climate of humid Louisiana.
I know that growing figs from seeds is unpredictable, because you don't know what traits the new tree will have most likely due to the different genetic combinations the trees can have., for example, a brown eyed human mother and a blue eyed human father having a children with blue eyes, it has to do with dominant and recessive genes, But that seems like the fun part to me, developing a new types and then propagating the best of them.

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