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Some first blooms and others

10 years ago

It's cold again today. Cold for them, it was a very comfortable night for me :)

This is not first bloom, it's Happy Returns with tradescantia, I like the color combination.


Wild Horses today was affected by cool morning, and didn't open fully, but still looks ok


Russian Rhapsody FFO - not fully open


and Russian Ragtime FFO - again one petal sticks out


Navajo Princess FFO - now this was open! I forgot maybe it's nocturnal.. In any case it looks like it is not going to be ML here


Mama's Cherry Pie FFO - was a good opener today :)


Eyes on the Prize 2FO - what a difference in color with the first one


Cherry Burst FFO - almost open :) My DH picked it when we were at one open garden, and since he usually notes that most of my daylilies look alike I thought I'd add this, and I like it!


Seventy times seven was open and ready for a picture


From the other flowers, first and those that started recently only Siloam Double Classic was open correctly, well I shouldn't say correctly ;) it was nice and flat, but still not double.

Thanks for looking!

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