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My first fig to ripen - even after dog damage to the tree

14 years ago

Earlier this winter I had posted about my tiny little fig tree that was chewed almost to the ground by this dog we were "gifted" (you gotta wonder about the sanity of a person who gives an ugly (destructive) pitbull puppy as a freegin "wedding anniversary gift" of all things) anyway, the dog went bye bye (to a good home) and the tree came back and it has one breba fig on a branch that was from last year's growth. It looks like it's just about fully ripe today and it's pretty big compared to my mission figs. I can't wait to go home from work and enjoy it. I know it's just a Turkey Brown, probably the most bland of all fig varieties, but it's a whole lot better than no figs at all. The tree put out some good growth and it looks like it will have a good main crop for its size.

now I'm waiting for my Mission figs to ripen... it seems like it's taking forever, but finally the 100 degree weather has arrived here in Phoenix, and that usually acts as a good kickstart to the ripening. Here's to a good fig season!

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