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Z5 Hardy Cedrus libani from Indiana Available

15 years ago

Forest Farm is offering tubes of Cedrus Libani 'Eugene' that they state it is zone 5 hardy from a tree in Central Indiana. I questioned their information and tracted down the owner of the original tree who confirmed that the tree was extremely hardy.

Year ago he had purchased lots of seed and this was the only seedlling that survived. If fact he said he had a Stenacoma and this seedling and moved them at the same time before a hard winter and this one survived and the Stenacoma died. On the recommendation of Don Howse he also placed the tree in the most exposed location he had on his property and the tree did fine.

Base on my conversation with Eugene the tree must be as Hardy as the ones at Purdue University or even more so.

I was told the tree is green and full with a softer form than stenacoma.

If you like cedrus and are looking for cold hardy forms this sounds like one worth trying.


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