Looking for help.......remember my front yard project?

15 years ago

I took out some of my front yard (as much as HOA would allow) and wanted to put in a mixed flower bed. I do not have a "cottage" for a house but love the looks of the gardens. I am not bold enough to go outlandish but it is coming to me in bits and pieces. I realize this is just a couple months into the garden and everything is new and some started from seed, some borrowed from other parts of the yard. Right now Jap beetles are having a feast but I'm a patient person knowing they will be history in a couple weeks. Am I just not patient enough. I put in a bird bath and a hanging bird bath with some feeders out there and replaced the tree in the middle of the yard with a vitex to let more sun in the yard once mature rather then the bradford pear. I just don't know what else to do. I'm kind of moving some zinnia to fill in the bare bottom but still it seems like everything is the same height. I have lots of lady in red salvia and coral nymph salvia to allow to re-seed freely and I hope it gets taller. Right now it is only filling out wider. I threw some raspberry wine monarda cuttings down by my turtle that is barely visable in the picture towards the bottom right hand corner but that will take a while to grow. I also have mixed bulbs in there that will probably not do anything this year. Sooooooo, I see potential but don't know what to do in the mean time that will satisfy me for the time being. I want a bird house, don't know where to put it.


I also have another front corner of my yard on the other side of my drive that my family uses as a tee-box/fairway. It is right by the lightpost on my neighbors side of the property line but the light could still be used somewhat. I can't dig so I thought to cover the grass with newspaper/cardboard/soil, mulch etc (lasagna) to kill the grass only and put a pot gheto of some sorts around a sitting bench (just so happen to have one laying around). Any ideas for the pots, maybe a long one with some sort of long, short trellis for behind the bench and some to go on the sides or small ones to go in front somewhere????

Sorry so long winded. Ya'll provide so much inspiration.

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