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More Southern Indiana FFO's (Part 3)

14 years ago

New Yesterday:

WEDDING BAND-purchased this spring so I expect it to be much better next year.


HUCKELBERRY CANDY-not sure if this counts as an FFO since I just bought it last week. End of the day, so it's looking worn out. Poor little thing.

RED VOLUNTEER-wasn't sure I was going to like this one after what I saw last year, but I love it now.


PINK PEPPERMINT-I like the nice cool colors.

SPANISH FANDANGO-I have this grouped with some of my other spiders and they really put on a show.

ALEXANDER'S RAGTIME BAND-bought in the fall 2007 and it's not a big increaser in fans, but it is a great late bloomer.

I'll close with a shot of what I call my sitting garden that we created in 2007. It's my favorite spot.

MARY'S GOLD in front on left, CORRYTON PINK on right of bridge, NOID on left. RED VOLUNTEER, FOREVER IN TIME, and PEACH MAGNOLIA are in back. Several others are in this area too. Next year should be much better.


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