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Fig Variety Question

17 years ago


I grew up in Brooklyn, NY, USA. At my childhood home we had an

incredible fig tree. I would like to find the variety again, but,

don't know what it was. It had a beautiful green color on the

outside, with a very bright and dark red on the inside. The fruits

were small (3/4" to 1 1/4" across), and the tree bore a medium number

of fruit each year sometime in the mid to late summer. I remember

eating them off the tree, and my father would fill 2 or 3 egg cartons

with them in a good year. Boy did we covet those fruits. They were

amazing! We think perhaps the tree cutting was brought to the US from

Italy by the previous home owner. My father meticulously wrapped and

insulated that tree every fall, but, after he and my mother divorced

it did not receive the same care and attention and eventually

perished. I have been wanting a fig tree like it for years, maybe you

can help me. I now live in NM, zone 7, and I have a great sunny spot

waiting for the right tree.

Christine Wilson

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