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HAVE: Willing to trade

15 years ago

Items I HAVE... Now, I am new to gardening .. and most of these are items in my yard... ..and a bunch of common items I am sure.I am learning how to grow stuff from cuttings and what things produce seeds that can be grown easily. But if you see anything that I have and would like a cutting or seed or even a part of the plant if it could be split.. let me know. I am willing to try or send you a cutting wrapped for you to root.

Liriope .. dark green and the Aztec Grass

Dwarf Gardenias

Jasmine Vine


Mandevia Vine

Elephant Ears

Daffodils ..although the dead foliage accidentally got sprayed with total vegetation killer.. so I won't know until the spring if they actually survived

Wild Ferns in my backyard

Wild Palmettos in my backyard (local only b/c the roots are huge)



Ivy .. not sure what kind but it is green with white



Small oak tree .. I think it is an oak.. but if I can't find it a home I will look into moving it.. .or may just stay..I don't want to kill it.

Grape Vine (self pollinating black grape)

Mandarin Satsuma

I have some orders into some mail order catalogs⦠so here is what is on its way. I am willing to trade some of my bulbs and Most all of the trees except the fruit ones.

A bag of Tulip bulbs mixed (15 I think)

A bag of gladiolus hardy bulbs (24 bulbs)

4 White Flowering Dogwoods, 3 American Redbuds, 3 Goldenraintrees,1 Red Maple, 2 Forsythia

(There is no way I will have enough room in my yard for all of these but they were free (kind of) and I knew I could find homes for them.. but they will not be here until fall)

A Weeping Willow

Pee Gee Hydrangea-3

Oak Leaf Hydrangea


Plum Tree,Methley Dwarf

Apple Tree, Yellow Delicious Dwarf

Peach Elberta Dwarf

I am interested in things that are relatively easy to grow. I am absolutely in love with the bicolor hydrandgea. I see them under different names though. I also would like to add Hostas to my garden.. other than that I don't know what to list.


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