Shelter (and shade) vs. Full Sun?

11 years ago

Shelter (and shade) vs. Full Sun?

I'm new to fig growing. So new in fact, that I don't have any figs yet! I'm in the process of trying to determine the best locations for 3 or 4 plants. I'm in Zone 6b in Northern VA where the winter lows regularly drop into the single digits.

I can plant my figs out in yard and give them full sun, but they would be exposed to the wind, or I can plant them close to the house for some protection but they would be shaded for parts of the day. The house faces directly south but there's a raised deck in the middle on the front side. If I planted figs on the east side, they would get morning sun and afternoon shade and if I planted them on the west side they would get morning shade and afternoon sun.

I could also plant them directly in front of the deck which will give them the best sun exposure (but still a little morning shade), but I�m a little worried that their roots may damage a 3-foot retaining wall just below the deck. (There's only about 2.5 feet between the retaining wall the deck).

So given all that background, should I:

1) Plant in full sun, but also full wind

2) Plant in a more sheltered location with morning sun and afternoon shade

3) Plant in a more sheltered location with morning shade and afternoon sun

4) Plant above the retaining wall and hope the roots don't do any damage (this one makes me nervous)

The varieties I have ordered are Celeste, Hardy Chicago, and Oregon Prolific.



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