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HAVE: Edgewater Florida Plant Swap Oct. 10th

14 years ago

I know this is still 3 months away but people get booked up so early and it can take awhile to get plants rooted from cuttings or whatever so I'm posting about it now. Please help spread the word and forward this information to anyone you think might be interested. It's going to be HUGE! :)

Whistle Stop Park Plant Swap!

The Edgewater Permaculture Society and Volusia County Gardeners Yahoo Group will be hosting a Plant Swap Party at Whistle Stop Park, 650 Roberts Road in Edgewater Florida, Saturday, Oct. 10th, from 9am-12pm. This is a public event, everyone is invited to attend. Admission is free. Bring anything garden related, please make sure seeds & plants are labeled. If you don't have plants to bring, you can bring, and receive tickets for food, supplies, or door prizes. There will be free seeds, stickers, coloring books and hand fans from E.P.S.. Because this is a public park No Selling Will Be Allowed!

Once you arrive at Whistle Stop Park please go directly to the registration booth. Volunteers will be on hand to help you unload your car. After you have registered a volunteer will give you tickets based upon the amount of plants, food, supplies, door prizes and garden materials that you have "traded in." Typically, you will receive:

2-3 rooted cuttings=1 ticket

5 packs of seeds=1 ticket

Each plant = 1 ticket

Annuals (6-pack) = 1 ticket

Each tree = 2-10 tickets, based upon its size and health

Each shrub = 2-10 tickets, based upon its size and health

Bag o bulbs = 1-5 tickets, based upon the type of bulb

Books, magazines, tools, decorations, etc. = 1-20 tickets, negotiable

After trading in all your plants and garden materials for tickets, you are encouraged to check out what the other gardeners at the swap have brought to trade at the Trading Area. Pick out plants and gardening materials that you would like to "adopt" and take them to the Check-Out area, where you will trade in your tickets for the plants that you have chosen.

At some point we'll eat, and draw door prizes, you must be registered and present to win a prize.

*For people who want to bring food, supplies, or door prizes

FOOD: Sandwiches, or whatever, you may want to take into consideration that there are a lot of vegetarians/vegans in these groups. We'll also want sides, desserts, drinks, coolers & ice.

SUPPLIES: paper plates, paper or plastic cups, plastic spoons or forks, napkins or paper towels, name tags or self-adhesive labels

DOOR PRIZES: Anything - doesn't have to be garden-related. Handmade or store bought.

*Some suggestions & rules

*Again, no selling! No pets, no alcohol. Children are welcome.

*It's a good idea to bring bottled water, sun glasses, insect repellent, sun block, an umbrella just in case, newspaper to lay down in your trunk, empty box to put plants in.

Please email me at to let me know if you think you might be attending, if you can volunteer to help out (volunteers are needed to put up flyers around your town, help with check-in, loading, and unloading), supplies or door prizes you plan to bring, or with questions, comments, or suggestions.

Thanks! See you at the swap!

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