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My first daylily bloom!

Cindy zone 6a
11 years ago

Very early for this bloom. I don't even have stellas open yet, but this recent heat has really popped up scapes like crazy all over. I have been watering, and now I am hoping for rain. Well, here is the daylily Sinister Minister! This is an early morning picture

Here is a new iris that has been blooming. Trade Secret.

Another picture of Sinister Minister at the end of the day.

Bowie is doing well and enjoying time in the garden.

I decided to plant marigolds in the raised bed that I started last fall. I didn't want to leave it empty all summer. I plan on planting daffs and hyacinths in this new bed. Not a great bed for daylilies, as it gets limited sun. I'm hoping the marigolds will do OK. Cindy

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