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Easy Care Fuchsias (lots of photos)

17 years ago

I know a lot of people think Fuchsias are difficult to care for.....but really all you have to do is dance.

The dance

Place the fuchsia pots in the shade...none of them will like sun. All my fuchsias get morning sun and usually the one on the outside of the stand gets some late evening sun. The less sun the better.

Some fuchsias are pickier than very picky, where dark eyes and swingtime are less picky. Swingtime will tolerate the most sun...but even then....not much.

Keep them in large pots, and in the shade, water about every second day or when needed. I repot the smaller pots of fuchias ...because they come in peat that drys out quickly. Just put the entire root ball in the bigger pot, keep plant at same level as previous pot and add promix or sunshine mix to the bottom and sides. This mix doesn't dry out as that helps with the watering as well. Do not disturb the root ball when doing this. The larger pots of fuchsias...I don't transplant....but they still dry out fast.

Because these plants are in the shade, I have found that watering every second day or twice a week...depending on if I transplanted into soil that holds water better...get to know the soil you use and you won't have problems. Don't let them dry out for very long...and don't leave them sitting in water for long periods.

To Water......I fill pails with water from the hose...and take the planters down and put right in the pails and let soak for an hour or two. When I take them out, the water drains from the pots and go back up on the stand.

Fertilize With 20 20 20 regular strength twice a week....I do this by mixing it in the watering can and pouring it into the not touch leaves or flowers with it.

Fuchsias will dump their own flowers when done....however go through weekly and pick off the pods/berries that form. These take energy from the plant...that it could be using to make more flowers.

The smaller fuchias...that can be bought in 2 or 4 inch pots are just cuttings....I use these in mixed planters. Again the planters are big...usually barrels. Follow the same as above...but for watering just water the barrel...make sure not to hit leaves or flowers with water or fertilizer. Remember keep in the shade...they don't like sun.









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