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I need a alternative to Thuja Green Giant

13 years ago

Hi all, seeking your expert opinions.

I live in zone 5/6 and I am looking for some evergreen to plant at the back of my 1 acre property for a privacy screen. The area in question has a high clay content so it can have standing water for a day or so after a heavy rain.

Because Thuja can adapt to a range of climates, I was told it would do great back there, plus I love all of its properties (hardiness, resistant to insect and wind damage, fast grower) save one: the collinear shape. I'm into organic un-manicured foliage and the shape of this tree really is undesirable to my aesthetic. It looks like it should be on the anally groomed grounds of some millionaires estate instead of my semi-wild habitat.

As an alternative I was looking at Eastern Red Cedar - I love, love, love the shape and size of this evergreen, but because I have 3 apple trees and a pear tree on my property (maybe 100 feet away) I was told that Red Cedar would not be good for them.

So, are there any trees with the positive qualities of Thuja with the beautiful shape of Red Cedar?

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