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What to do with Asiatic lily bulbs?

16 years ago

Hello all,

I receive my bulbs in the mail from T&T seeds. They look good, the begonias tubers show signs of life. I know what to do with those, but the lily bulbs are sprouting as well. I know they often mail things in time for planting, but it seems cruel planting them in the cold soggy soil outdoors. There is nice weather coming up for the next few days but yesterday the high was only 3C (today more like 10).

Has anyone been in a similar situation? Should I just store the lilies in the fridge crisper for a couple more weeks then plant in their spot directly in the garden? Has anyone planted them in pots and grow like annuals until outdoor planting time (putting them outside on the deck on nice days).

If I do plant them in pots, do they transplant easily? They seem kind of fragile to me. Is it important to plant them the same depth that they would be upon being planting in the final spot in the garden?

One year I bought lily bulbs and kept them in the fridge crisper, but they dehydrated and most of them didn't grow when I planted them later on.

Thanks for any advice,



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