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WANTED: Ricky's May 4th Swap-a-que - swap list

fawnridge (Ricky)
16 years ago

Well, time has a way of getting away from us and with just 60 days until our next swap, I figure it's about time to start a list. So here's what I'm offering:

4 Uncarina grandidierii - Mouse Trap Tree. 2 Kalanchoe beharensis - Felt Hat Plant sprouts. Full sun!!!


The mistbed is full of Crotons, as usual, and there are many collector's varieties in the batch. 1 Tipuana tipu seedling.


1 Sanbokan Lemon in a seven gallon can - I'll trade this for either an orange tree or some other interesting fruit. That's the Felt Hat Plant to its right. Cassia bahamensis - our native Cassia. I'm starting at least 40 of these from seeds so everyone can have one.


Other than the citrus tree, I'm looking for ferns and bromeliads as we have lots of shade now that needs to be filled.

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