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HAVE: Tampa Swap 2011 have/want list

12 years ago

This is the spot to post what you have to trade and what you intend to bring food/drink wise to the swap on April 16th in NW Tampa.

Please bring something to eat or drink. I do not have tables for a sit-down type meal, so all food must be finger food. I will supply plates, cups, napkins and ice. Please read through the posts here to see what others are bringing so we don't all bring the same thing. I'll supply plates, napkins, cups, ice, etc.

NO KIDS OR PETS, PLEASE I have a pool with sharp, rock, edges that is not kid safe, dogs that dislike other dogs, and cats that will be underfoot.

Please label every plant, cutting or seed you bring! I guarantee you that by the time you get home with all these new plants your mind will not remember what was what or what it's cultivation is. If every plant is labeled, you can then look it up. You can write on the pot, write on the leaves, stick a tag in the pot, anything, just label them. I start my cuttings in plastic cups and then use a sharpie to write on the cup what's inside. Very cheap, very easy, no way to loose a tag.

List here what you intend to bring and what you have that you won't bring unless someone asks for it. Stop back here often and see what's coming. If you see something on someone's list that you really want, contact that person and set up that trade now, privately. Then that item will be earmarked for you and you can pick it up at the swap.

If no one asks for something you've got, bring it anyway. Keep in mind that my neighbors and friends, and the friends/neighbors of other Gardenwebbers will be attending but will not see this thread. So they may want it.

If you're new and don't have any plants to share, come anyway, bring food/drink. You'll go home with lots of stuff.

And if there's something you're looking for, post it here.

Remember you don't have to bring just plants, seeds and cuttings. Think old pots, tools, books, magazines, etc.

If you're coming, email me offlist at for my address. I'm not posting it publically.

Can't wait to do this again and see you all again. This year I'll remember to take photos... and if I don't, remind me when you're here.


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