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Is my White Pine dead?

12 years ago

Hi everyone. I've been a gardenweb member for a long time, but am new to the conifer forum. I've had a very busy year thus far, having planted 3 norway spruce, 3 white pines, a blue spruce bakeri, 4 thuja green giants, and a couple of river birches. I got many of these trees on sale when the big box stores were liquidating inventory for the hot summer months.

I planted most of these trees at the worst possible time in order to save a few bucks, and of course, I knew many of these trees stood a decent chance of dying. No big deal... Hey, I figured I'd give it a try.

So far, with autumn right around the corner, the only tree that looks like it may not live is one of my 8 foot white pines. Some of the needles on the lower branches have a bit of green on them, but most of needles on the tree are brown. Even at the top of the centeral leader, the tree is wearing a crown of crusty brown needles. When I scratch the bark with my fingernail, there is green underneath, but with this tree having 80% of its needles brown (and clinging to the limbs still), I figure it's on death row for sure.

This fall, I'd like to plant something else there if this pine is a goner. Does anyone think it's worth it for me to wait the tree out until spring, or should I just cut it down once the weather cools off a bit and plant something else there?

I'm asking because I really hate to lose an entire season if I don't have to... so if this tree is a high probability loss, it ought come down.

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