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Do Ruby Regis and Mont Blanc Lavatera bloom first year?

12 years ago

Top of the Mornin' to Ya !

I've grown Silvercup Lavatera in my garden for years. It blooms profusely and reseeds well.

I ordered Ruby Regis and Mont Blanc from Veseys. Their catalogue says it's an annual but on the back of the seed package it says "Usually does not flower the first year, but is usually grown as a beautiul foliage plant".

Is this true in real life? I don't want foliage, I want blooms, blooms, and more blooms =:)

Happy St. Patrick's Day. =:)

P.S. I think someone said they've grown this before and it didn't bloom profusely, but I can' remembr where and who. I'm pretty sure they did say it bloomed though.

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