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Ready to tear out cottage garden-save me

16 years ago

We bought our Victorian house three years ago. It's on a corner lot and has a boomerang shaped garden near the two streets. The previous owner just tilled up the dirt and put plants in. I've battled the crab grass for three years and every year it gets worse.

It's really too big of a garden for me to take care of because the house already has lots of other garden beds. Last year I paid a landscape company to do the spring clean up but that only made the weeds and crab grass come back with a vengeance.

The bed has three young crab apples as anchors which I do love but I feel as if I should dig up all the plants, relocate them and just let the bed return to yard. Every other yard in my subdivision is very neat and tidy and I feel like this "showcase" garden is ratty and weedy looking. I'll try to practice on posting a pic for some advice.

My other option would be to have a landscape company come out and design a smaller bed that I could manage. I do love a cottage garden because it fits the house but I wonder if a casual garden would be better suited in the backyard and have a more formal look for the view that everyone sees as they drive by.

I would really love to see some pics of your front yard cottage gardens that maybe could change my mind and show me was a nice one should look like

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