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Preventing White Pine Weevil on young eastern white pine

13 years ago


We live in Ottawa, Canada. Just today we planted a 4-foot Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus) in the front yard that faces south.

We are worried about white pine weevil, although while taking walks in the neighborhood we don't see any weevil-damaged conifers. The reasons for our concern are:

(1) The tree sits in the open (=obvious target) and will receive full sun light all year round (=preferred target).

(2) We have poorly drained heavy clay about 6" below the surface (= poor drainage = attracts more weevil). To combat drainage and clay, we planted the tree ON the ground level and made a 2.5'-in-diameter x 1'-high mound to go with it. The mound is made by 1-1-1 mixture of top soil, play sand (= better drainage), and garden earth. Finally, we covered the mound with 2" of red cedar mulch.

After some online research, we found a way to prevent the weevil - to wrap the leader with cloth and surround it with circles of tapes with the sticky side facing out. Since the tree is still young, we can easily do it for 10+ years with the help of a ladder.

But we wonder whether this method is going to hinder the tree's growth and its annual branching. And whether the method is effective at all. And if not, whether there are other ways to keep the weevils away from our tree.

Thanks for your help.

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