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Garden Resolutions I'll NEVER Keep

17 years ago

I'm going to get everything staked and supported next spring before it's too big to stake and/or support.

I will NOT still be planting bulbs after Thanksgiving because they were "on clearance".

I'm going to cut back on my plant buying (and planting).

I'm not going to purchase any more Aloe species before January 1, 2006.

I'm not going to purchase any more pots just because they are "pretty".

I won't fall in love with any more classes/orders/families/genera of plants.

I won't order more seed than I have time and space and energy to plant.

Yeah, riiiight...:-)

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  • althea_gw
    16 years ago

    I won't plant anymore roses. Nope, not even a mini.

  • capt_agricultur
    16 years ago

    Keep Bell Pepper plants under 100

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  • olyagrove
    16 years ago

    Awesome! All of the above, and
    I will not compromise my PhD research for the sake of flowers
    I will not buy any more new orchids and roses
    I will exercise my will by visiting Home Depot or Lowes and not buying a single plant!

    I would love to keep them, but I doubt I will!

  • luvtosharedivs
    15 years ago

    You are all hilarious!
    I will diligently rake fall leaves every day before they blow onto my neighbor's property.
    I will finish all my daily indoor chores before going out to the garden.
    I will not plan another garden on graph paper during the winter months.
    I will ignore features in catalogs that promise 5 free plants if you spend $100.

  • ilsa
    15 years ago

    I will restrict garden discussions w/ my 8-yr old daughter to "annual" and "perennial" - no more long-winded explanations of seed stratification, micro-climates, photosynthesis, xeriscapes, medievel uses for herbs, etc.

    I will rotate laundry, sweep/mop floors, scrub out the bathrooms, and rake out the kids rooms at least once a month during the growing season.

    I will not allow my head to be turned by every pretty seed envelope/packet I meet.

    I will not get so wrapped up in weekend gardening that I mumble and grumble when my kids' appetite alarms go off & they get cranky (two to three hours AFTER they should have eaten).

    I will not knock on my next door neighbors door for plant advice before 8:00AM on Sat & Sun (even though I know her kids get her up WAAAYYYY earlier than that).

    I will buy garden boots so that my flip-flops don't stick in the mud, thereby pitching me face-first into it and causing me to rant and rave in front of small children.


  • roflol
    15 years ago

    I will delete my browser's bookmark for the Seed Exchange, and will thus get to bed before 3 am for the first time in weeks since I will not be looking at everybody's lists, hoping I have something somebody wants and googling what the others have while simultaneously splitting up my hard-won seed stash to entice a trade for even more seeds I don't have room to plant but can't resist because they are, well, irresistable.

  • sprout_wi
    15 years ago

    I will not assume that everyone I meet socially, wishes to discuss gardening and to hear the names of every one of my 100+ hosta varieties.

    I will not feel obligated to make a purchase from every garden catalog that I receive in the mail.

    I will not purchase another gardening magazine, but will in fact narrow my inventory down to a few dozen.

    I will not view every 'end of season' sale as an invitation to purchase carloads of potbound plants, just because they are 50% off.

    I will limit the number of pairs of muddy sneakers outside my kitchen door to 5 or 6.

  • highalttransplant
    15 years ago

    I will stop ordering 3 or 4 more plants than I intended, just to meet the "minimum order" from mailorder companies.

    I will stop moving plants around to find that "perfect" spot for them.

    I will stop buying houseplants at the grocery store during the winter.

    I will NOT go out to "check on the garden" and spend hours weeding, deadheading, and moving plants around (especially when the house is filthy and dinner hasn't been started) ... and DEFINITELY not in my good shoes

    ... AND I will not buy any more seeds or plants until all of the ones I have started (or ordered) are planted out and I KNOW I have space for more plants!!!!!!!!

  • sashaf
    15 years ago

    I will not buy more gardening gloves until such time as I grow a 3rd pair of hands.

    I will cease contemplating which propogation techniques would be most effective for growing a 3rd pair of hands :)


  • sungarden
    15 years ago

    I will resist the temptation to buy twiggy dogwoods when I can't even start the garden for at least a year and a half.

    Ditto for daylilies.

  • stevation
    15 years ago

    I will not resent the fact that company is spending the weekend with us because I can't get that weeding done with them around.

    I will not choose mere tinkering in the garden over water skiing on those perfectly calm Saturday mornings.

    I will never again lose 20 lbs in one week because I'm so obsessed with digging holes to plant all my new shrubs (and develop bronchitis from breathing all the dust).

    I will not stay up till midnight in the backyard with a headlamp strapped to my forehead, making up for lost weeding time!

  • turquoise
    15 years ago

    I will NOT haul pea gravel in 95 degree heat.

    I will NOT give in to "zone denial syndrome".

    I will remember that I am NOT in competition with the neighbor lady.

    I will pick a few varieties and grow a lot of them, not a few of a lot of varieties.

    I will close my eyes when walking by the clearance shelves.

    When I go out for a bag of mulch that's exactly what I'll come back with.

    I will wear sunscreen, a hat and gloves when I'm working in the garden. And boots or at least shoes if I'm using the shovel!

    When I go to relax in the hammock I'll STAY there and enjoy my garden without giving in the to urge to "tweak" it.

  • emily06
    15 years ago

    I will NOT check the Garden-Web site more than three times a day.

    I will NOT go out in early sumer mornings to check my compost pile while wearing my nightgown and end up turning it into the noon hours, to the amusement of my neighbors.

    I will NOT ask my dinner companions in restaurants if they are going to finish their vegetables, because I want to take them home to my compost pile!

  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5
    15 years ago


  • philomena
    15 years ago

    I will actually add up the price of ALL the plants in the cart before heading to the checkout, this making sure I have enough $$ to pay !

    I will have at least a minimal concept of where I will plant something new BEFORE I buy it

    I will not turn down weekend party invitations because, well, sheesh - it's MAY !!!!

    I will keep indoctrinating my apartment-living friends into the fun of growing Basil on their window-sills (I am now known as the Plant Pusher!)

    I will only visit one new nursery this year (well... maybe two...)

    I also will not buy anymore gardening gloves - the 20 or so pairs I have now should suffice for the season !

    I will dutifully clean and sharpen my garden tools each time I use them - as opposed to buying yet another pair of pruners

    I will actually weed BEFORE the little devils take over the side gardens

    I will figure out how to humanely get the woodchuck in my garden to vacate his/her den permanently !

  • diana-mi
    15 years ago

    We are all soo similar.

    I will take my hosta list with me whenever I leave the house.

    I found the nightgown soln to be sleeping in a XXL t shirt and shorts. It is not as obvious until the afternoon, when I stop to tell the neighobrs I need to eat breakfast.

  • philomena
    15 years ago

    oops, I forgot one ...

    I WILL keep track of what plants I have ordered online in January and February, so that in April, I'm not completely surprised by all these boxes of plants that the postal services keep dropping off at my front door !!

  • meldy_nva
    15 years ago

    Yep, I've made just about every one of the above resolutions, and haven't kept them either.

    PLUS: I will not get angry when DH takes the truck fishing so that I can't use it to get more mulch. Well, I'll probably get angry, but I resolve not to comfort myself by shopping at the local $$$$ nursery for all those plants I didn't buy last time. Oh dear, I don't think that's realistic. Maybe I can resolve to limit myself to buying only what will fit in the car's trunk. And back seat. And passenger's side.

    Sigh. Please pass the twine so I can tie that little tree to the car's roof.

  • rocket_girl
    15 years ago

    I will remember to put sunscreen on my lower back and will not get 'gardener's stripe'.

    I will second every resolution posted above about gardening gloves.

    I will not buy anything new until I have planted everything in the ghetto.

    I will not buy more bulbs than any human could possibly plant.

    I will wipe out buttercup.

    I will not go to the nursury "just to see".

    I will not go AWOL from work just because the weather is perfect for gardening. And when I'm at work, I won't daydream about gardening.

    I will invite guests over without fear that they will see all the weeds and incomplete projects. I will realize they are only screamingly apparent to me - and maybe you guys - that's why you can't come over :)

  • jellobiafra
    15 years ago

    I will not buy anything without knowing exactly where it will be planted.

    I will finish the bed(s) I've started before creating another.

  • roflol
    15 years ago

    What are these things you call "gardening gloves"?

    Could you possibly be referring to those hand-shaped canvas bags I buy for the sheer joy of wasting 20 minutes looking for them but never being able to find them when I need them? Bah, I just hide my hands when anybody non-family is close by. ;-)

    This is a fabulous thread, I am so very glad it was started. I don't feel nearly so alone anymore. :-D

  • jlynn
    15 years ago

    I will not try to save every seedling when thinning plants I've sprouted. (but, but, but...)

    I will keep my seed box organized and know at all times all plants and seeds I have.(as if my brain can remember more than ooooh pretty)

    I will stop trading plants and seeds. Might as well throw in never drool over seed catalogs. (how soon would I be locked up?)

    My house will not look like an overgrown forest inside.(but the plants are good air purifiers lol)

    My husband will never again have to fear losing the bed to my needing more space to grow plants and seeds.

    I will not invest time, money, and energy into planting things at a house we are renting. (yeah right)

    I will overcome my gardening addiction! (who wants to?)

    People will never again call me "The Plant Lady". (could be called worse things)

    What a fun thread. I love GW but at times my hubby thinks it only feeds my addiction. lol

  • flying_wahini1955
    15 years ago

    I will go into my backyard for a morning coffee and actually read my paper without getting up to just fix one little thing, only to discover a cold coffee and blown apart newspaper - 3 hours later.

    I will stop buying just a few bags of "whatever" and just a few more pots of "something" and load my little car down - the day after I vaccuumed the inside of it. (my trunk kinda looks like a garden, too)

    I will not stop to give a little thirsty plant a drink and drag out the hose in my "good" shoes, when I now have more work shoes than any other. all my shoes are "gardening" shoes......
    a great subject - I feel I am amoung my people....

  • sheryl_ontario
    15 years ago

    LOL! These are great! I can relate to them all! I thought I was the only crazy one outside in the wee early hours, gardening in my nightie with a flashlight...

  • sylviatexas1
    15 years ago

    I'd love to contribute, but...
    I think y'all have covered every one of my vices!

    I like the idea about sleeping in a tee shirt & shorts so the neighbors don't realize that you're gardening in your nightclothes.

    & I really appreciate the sentiment
    "I feel I am among my people."

    Amen, Sistah!

  • tclynx
    15 years ago

    I will stop bragging about how hot my compost pile is. (The new one is over 130 degrees in the center already.) Well

  • winterydays
    15 years ago

    I will not have remorse when I thin out the rows...(but it's a perfectly good plant! Surely I can find some place to put it)

    I will stop trying to convince my wife that grass is over rated and that I really do need the rest of the yard for potatoes.

  • jlynn
    15 years ago


    Every time I look at new posts on this thread I cant stop laughing lol

    Dfinitely among my people here. You guys don't look at me weird for my "addiction". oh yeah I forgot you cant see me lololol

  • ceanothus
    15 years ago

    I'll third (or fourth) the resolution to refuse to buy more plants until I've planted the ones I already have.
    I will not buy more roses, bareroot or otherwise.
    I will not go to the (name favorite organization) plant sale and buy one each of everything because "it's for a good cause."
    I will plant all the seeds currently residing in my refrigerator.

    And I LOVE knowing that I AM NOT ALONE! Thank you all!

  • tsmith2579
    15 years ago

    to never buy anything (especially on impulse) without knowing exactly where I am going to plant it.

  • bloominghome
    15 years ago

    I will never again scream at the dogs for walking thru my flower bed.

    I will put fertilizer/ant poison/herbicides back in the garage

    I will not offer unsolicited advice on how to control aphids

  • pdxjules
    15 years ago

    I will put on garden boots, and at least a garden apron over whatever I'm wearing, before I take out the Compost Bucket.

    I will remember to put on glasses and closely examine clothing for garden stains, before I dress for a Party.

    I swear I will clean out the sun-room this year - so it can actually hold living plants, and allow one to walk through.

    I will never again spread potting soil, seed boxes and containers all over the kitchen, when housemates might need to cook.

    This year I will move the seed bins off the Kitchen counters, and get it all into mouse-proof containers.

    Some weekend soon, I will shovel the mountain of Alpaca poop out of my dad's truck. Remember, Jules, the truck-bed was not meant to be a worm bin. (But it's working great!)

    I will make space for the Experimental Garden this year, for unlabelled seed, the bounty on the sunroom floor, the bottom of my seed boxes, and sweeping trays.

    I will use permanent ink on plant labels.

    I resolve, I really will, sharpen my garden tools.

    I'll never again think ill of gardeners who decline gifts of elephant garlic or catawissa onion seed, that I try to force upon them in a social setting.

    I will at least attempt to clean pots before (or after)

    Dormant plants will not remain on the front steps.

    I will let housemates leave without offering herbs and seeds to give to their friends or family as host gifts.

    I will plant only in neat orderly groupings, not just hop-skotch arrays of experimental orphan plants.

    I will find someone to help prune those big trees that threaten the neighbors house.

    I will replace old porch boards, paint the porch, edge the grass, and clear all the garden junk from the entry area.

    Yeah, right.

    Here is a link that might be useful: You must *Admit* being a Seed-Saving Nutcase WHEN....

  • technodweeb
    15 years ago


    I too whole-heartedly agree with everything that has been said. As a newbie here, and in a home where there wasnÂt any landscaping  I have found I suffer all the same symptoms and sicknesses:

    I will NOT go out in my deerskin slippers and do spring clean up!

    I will never again buy a new flower/tree/shrub just because itÂs on sale!

    I will NOT continue to collect the seeds from my MGs even though I have ziplock bags full.

    I will NOT purchase those very same seeds from a grower just because those are on sale there also.

    I will STOP attempting to "zone stretch" plants not appropriate for this area and stop suffering from "zonal denial."

    I will STOP trying to convince others of the virtues of digging in the dirt while standing in front of them with bleeding, blistered hands and battered shins.

    I will CLEAN out the gardening area and throw away all the ¾ empty fertilizer products that didnÂt work, but I havenÂt tossed, because, well, they MIGHT work on SOMETHING.

    I WILL keep track of where my gardening gloves are prior to the lawnmower finding them.

    I will NOT try to make an excuse why I think the MG vines growing into the Spa Enclosure is charming.

    I will STOP purchasing more seeds than even Johnny Appleseed could disperse.

    I will NOT appear like a crack addict in Lowes when my sweetie has my shirt by the collar on my throat trying to keep me from entering the garden center.

    I will STOP extolling the virtues of one fertilizer over the other to a customer if sweetie is actually successful in stopping me from going into Lowes garden center.

    I will STOP justifying "distressed" plants for 1.95 and then $50.00 of miracle-gro on them as a bargain.

    I will STOP giving the entire botanical history of a plant to someone who mentions "cool looking plant."

    I will not attempt to sit under a 3 foot tree to justify saving it for another location.

    And as IÂve typed this  I confirmed another order of seeds from a Catalog because they were having a 2 day sale on unusual seeds. What did that take me, 2 minutes to break a resolution?

    Happy digging everyone  SPRING IS COMING!


  • galium
    15 years ago

    Love this

    I will put up my grow lights before my seedlings get leggy not after.

    I will not wear my slippers in the garden.

    I will not use my new gardening gloves to pick slugs off plants.

    When I go away I will trust that my daughter comes over to water; instead of calling her every day and asking.

    I will refrain from potting up plants in the kitchen while my DH is making his breakfast.

    I will have a supply of baggies for seed collecting instead of using my pockets.

    I will refrain from getting upset with my DH when he asks me to identify a tree while driving down the road at 50mph.

    I think this is great. I know my DH can come up with more things. Luckily he has a great sense of humor.

  • roseclaire
    15 years ago

    I will stop rationalizing my plant habit as being better than gambling, smoking, drugs,alcohol,etc.

    I shall not disbud roses in other peoples' gardens, nurseries, Wal-Mart, Target. Many think it malicious.

    I shall not buy another plant willy nilly without a thought to where it is going to go.

    Gerbera daisies, foxglove and delphiniums do not grow in my Bermuda Triangle of plant death. Let me not succumb to their pretty faces again...ever...never!

  • westhighlandblue
    15 years ago

    I will not go to the nursery with muddy hands, wearing muddy jeans and sporting flecks of dirt on my face and in my hair.

    I will not steal from the grocery budget to buy plants.

    I will respect my husband's opinion that our three large dogs deserve a yard, rather than a winding gravel pathway through garden beds.

    I will not think of gardening as a competitive sport.

    I will not secretly hope my neighbor's homes suddenly disappear, leaving me more room to garden.

  • thebip
    15 years ago

    Man, you guys have me cracking up! Im new to the whole gardening scene, but I think I may just become addicted (got a nice big blister today cleaning up our backyard in preperation for seeding!). So here my resolutions:

    I will stop spending my Travel money on tools and plants

    I will stop giving live plants to my ex whos thumb is so brown its nearly black and who thinks its ok to store a potted Norfolk Pine in the garage because "pines like the cold, dont they?"

    I will stop going to Wal-Mart after work to browse the garden center

    I will remember to put on sunscreen, a hat, and pants I dont mind getting dirty

    I will stop putting dirty hand tools in the back pockets of my good jeans

    I will remember where I set down tools!


  • lilacs_of_may
    15 years ago

    What they said. :-)

    I will never go to Home Depot again.

    I will not buy more vegetable seeds that I don't have room for.

    I will plant my fall-planted bulbs in fall, not spring.

    I will not overbuy irises just because I see one (or three or five...) that I think is pretty and I don't have.

    I will not go into the spare room just to watch my seedlings grow.

    I will not "putter in the garden" when there is still laundry to be done and cats to feed.

    I will not freak when I see garden spiders. (Uh-huh. Sure.)

    I will not go out with a flashlight after dark to watch my plants grow.

    I will wear sunscreen.

    I will rake the leaves out of the front yard before my neighbors call the "yard police."

    I will not ever visit garden forums like this one when I'm at work.

  • kristal
    15 years ago

    I will not collect more seeds than I can actually plant.

    I will not squish more plants into my already full beds.

    I will not go to the garden centers just because I am bored.

    I will not buy cheap seed and expect it to germinate.

    I will wear gloves every time I look at my gardens, because I know I can't keep my hands off.

    I will keep my garden tools organized and all in one place.

    I will not "steal" bags of leaves from the boulevard the night before pick-up.

    I will not drive out of my way to snoop at others' gardens.

    I will not be late to work or anywhere else because of the above.

    I will not stand next to my gardens with my arms crossed while my husband has the weed whip out.

    I will not stay up late searching through posts on these forums.

  • sashaf
    15 years ago

    OK, the only problem with this thread is it's giving me ideas!!! Midnight weeding by headlamp, what a great idea!


  • posiepaula
    15 years ago

    I will plant all the 'unplanteds' from last years sales before buying anything else!

    I will never buy another plant with the description 'slightly spreading habit'!

    I will spend more time in the garden weeding and less time standing with my arms crossed contemplating my next project.

    I will dig the wheelbarrow out of the shed and pump up the tire or replace BEFORE the mulch is delivered!

    I will not buy plants because 'I'll bet I can get cuttings to root'.

    I will paint the handle on my favorite weeder red or orange before I lose it for good!

    I will never again let a cornstalk grow in the garden path because it was a volunteer from a neighboring farm and was 'unique'!

    Thanks everyone this feels like coming home.

  • technodweeb
    15 years ago

    I will STOP having this conversation (asking DH to get the tiller out too soon):

    "Are we there yet?"
    "Is it time yet?"
    "Are we THERE yet?"
    "Is it time? Are we THERE YET?"
    NO! What are you, FIVE YEARS OLD?!?!


    I actually WILL break down and buy a new pair clippers rather than use DHÂs tin snips and wire cutters.

    I will NOT embarrass DH this year by propping up his tomatoes in the "butt" of a really ugly colored pair of pantyhose.

    I will NOT use his favorite tie again to truss up his tomato plants. (Well, HE didnÂt do it!)

    I will NOT plant those #7 and #8 flats until I first find spots for 1-6 that are on my counter right now.

    I will not use DHÂs favorite beer on the lawn. (Well, I wasnÂt going to use MY Killians!)

    I will STOP fantasizing about throwing my first tomatoes at the neighbor hanging over my fence ASKING me for those first tomatoes.

    I WILL stop wishing armpit fleas on the other neighbor when I see him using his ever-present grass killer under his fence, uphill, from my lawn.

    Ok, I will STOP trying to deliberately spread dandelion seeds into above mentioned neighborÂs yard in retaliation for the above mentioned defoliation policy.

    I will STOP behaving like an herbaceous racist  thinking a flower or plant in my neighborÂs yard as a WEED, a NUISANCE, UGLY and UNWORTHY of living near MY weeds. That person may actually LIKE various forms of Cheat Grass and Foxtail. (eesh)

    I will now STOP telling DH when IÂm going to Lowes to avoid discussion of psychiatric help.

    I will HIDE the new boxes of seed arriving in the mail to avoid discussions of compulsive shopping.

    I will NOT ask to use DHÂs envoy to go pick up manure to avoid discussions of loss of common sense.

    I will NOT discuss moving the proposed new garage another 5 feet to make room for more dirt to avoid discussions about losing touch with reality.

    Ok  I think IÂm ready for this year. . .yea. . .IÂm ready!

  • corydalisenvy
    15 years ago

    I will not plan my summer weekends around my favourite nursery.
    I will not continue to paw through their latest catalogue as though it is the last piece of reading material on the planet.
    I will not arrive at said nursery before the owners so that I can hide the healthy lush selections before others like myself arrive and do the same thing!
    I will stop obsessing over corydalis! (Does this mean I have to change my username?)
    I will politely consider the suggestion that perhaps my blue and purple themed garden might seem a little cold and distant ( but you have to admit, a small space seems much larger with blue!)
    I will not break the 2007 rule of never spending over $100 per visit to the nursery.
    I will not break the second 2007 rule of setting a concrete date for the purchase of the last perennial for this growing season.
    **I will likely not succeed in keeping any of these resolutions, but then again, I really wasn't intending to now was I?**

  • kelpie473
    15 years ago

    I will find out if Lowes/Home Depot/Wal-Mart have an entrance other than the garden entrance and see if they sell other stuff than garden stuff.


  • PRO
    Flex Design LLC
    15 years ago

    I will not tell a lie!
    I will try to DO or Not Do some of the above.
    OK so I left another wine glass in the garden
    Big deal!

  • pam_whitbyon
    15 years ago

    This thread is so good for the soul. I've been screaming with laughter at every single post... and almost lost it when emily06 said:



    So.... in addition to many of the things above,

    I will stop telling hubby I'm going into the garden for 5 minutes.

    I will revisit the idea of meal times at the table

    I will remember to eat during my gardening days instead of feeling sick and dizzy outside and grabbing a not very filling apple off the tree.

    I will use the bathroom before I go out, instead of suddenly running into the house, getting into the bathroom, trying to wash dirt-covered hands while the maddening tap is running and I'm having to do a mad dance at the sink until my hands are clean enough to touch my clothes!

    I will try to wear gardening gloves. That may solve the above problem.

    I will sit in my garden from time to time and enjoy it without a critical eye.

    I will graciously accept Christmas presents like "Handbook of Weekend Gardening for All Ages" accompanied by a small dish of "Magic Bamboo for a Long Life"

    I will not yell at hubby and the kids for leaving coffee mugs and glasses around the house, because the garden is full of my tea cups placed under things and perched in weird places.

    I will not show hubby endless pics of every shrub and plant at every possible angle. Or at least, I'll try not to comment on the fact that he's sifting through the entire pile at a tremendous speed, saying, "Where are the people? We had guests here that day, didn't we?"

    I will stop intruding on the conversations of strangers in the garden centre. Even when a wife is telling her husband that she's going to buy that nice big tray of impatiens for that hot dry spot in the front yard.

    I will not plant my annuals too close together for that "full" look.

    I will accept compliments graciously instead of pointing out the huge mass of weeds next to the shed and the lack of edging and the lack of lawn care.

    I will stop pretending that the rabbits, squirrels, blue jays and cardinals are MY personal wildlife visitors and that they are on a first name basis with me.

    I will stop trying to avoid the neighbour who gave me 6 Canna Lilies one year, and told me to dig them up in the fall. They were gorgeous and I kept meaning to get them out of the ground but the whole process really didn't have much appeal. Then I felt quilty and always imagined that she was checking out my garden the following year looking for them.

    I will accept that some people love to put stark red and shocking white together in their flower beds. I will not make a "throw up" noise when we drive past those houses.

    I will not ask my brother-in-law if he wants to smell my heliotrope. My sister is STILL trying to convince him it was all above board.

  • natalie4b
    15 years ago

    I will NEVER shop for another set of pajamas that look more like street clothes in case my neighbors would see me while I spend hours making rounds every morning checking up on my "babies".

  • shilohyn
    15 years ago

    I will not split my browser into multiple pages (search members lists, You Have Mail, Google, Davesgarden, Pinetree Seeds, etc.

    I will not buy more seeds, thus begging my parents question "What are you going to DO with all those?"

    I will not visit all the stores and greenhouses in the Chicago Metroland area "just to see what they have."

    I WILL remember when I begin to plant that I have only one 4x8 foot bed!

  • flowrgirl1
    15 years ago

    i wont buy any new seeds till i plant the ones i have.
    I will finish each chore one at time instead of bouncing all over.
    I will rake the leaves in the fall.
    I will weed before they seed.
    I will put my tools away, clean, after i use them.
    I will get potted plants planted before i buy more.

  • clumsygrdner
    15 years ago

    I will keep a detailed and accurate garden journal.
    I will plan my gardens, measuring each bed and plotting what plant will go where and bloom in which color.
    I will organize the shed
    I will observe recommended spacing.

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