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Where can I purchase tall Thuja Green Giants?

15 years ago

We are intersted in finding an online source for Thuja Green Giants that are at least 6' tall. Can anyone help?

Also can anyone tell me if the hybrid cross between a Thuja plicata & Thuja standishii is the "real" Green Giant?

We live in Oklahoma & planted about 80 Thujas several years ago. They were 1 gallon size. They were advertised to grow up to 3 feet/year. The important words are "up to". After 3+ years 1 or 2 of those trees are 5' tall; several are 3' tall; most are 2' tall. We've had alot of rain this year & are hoping they will start to really grow.

We like the thujas but don't want to wait forever for them to grow enough to provide a screen. Thank you.

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