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Found another batch of scapes and more pictures.

11 years ago

Hey, I found the first one to scape up on the daylily plateau in the backyard. TEWNNESSEE AFTERGLOW. Funny but the much eatlier bloomers around it don't have any sign of scapes.

And this one of the extra earlies is near blooming!

Iris still blooming. This is AGEAN WIND.

A section of Tower Square Garden.

Pink view in the backyard.

The little tree garden with one lupine blooming.

A few roses have started.

Roses (sunblaze mini's) with Siberian Iris GREAT FALLS LOVE.

And I have been busy. Yesterday I dug out a white climbing rose that used to be here by the corner of the porch. Cut it up and tossed it. Didn't like it so it is now gone!

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