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Garden Pics- Week of July 15

15 years ago

It's the middle of July already! Where did it go???

There seems to be lots of colour in my garden now, which is so nice to see!

I guess we haven't had the winds we normally do, because the heliopsis and delphiniums are still standing.:0)

Close up

I like the dainty flowers of Pearly Everlasting.

Salvia with allium 'Christophi' hiding behind.

Heliopsis 'Lorraine Sunshine'

I'm thinking this is a volunteer pumpkin?


There's tons of flowers on the Sea Holly.

Verbascum is doing well.......I must remember to deadhead, I must remember to......I figure if I repeat it enough, maybe I'll actually remember to do it!lol




Oh, btw, I looked through the gorgeous pictures in last week's thread, and I have to say that you did a fabulous job on that sundial Gillian! You certainly have a gift!


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