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Need a Grass/Plant/Groundcover /Shrub Suggestion

14 years ago

Hi - I'm NE of St. Louis and garden on a hilltop. I'm looking to plant something on the hill alongside the little walk that leads up from the lower deck to the far yard beyond.

The view is really all top down - we have just property back there and nobody sees it unless we happen to trudge down the hill which is infrequently. but I want to have a nice view as you walk around and up to the yard on the far side where I have more planting beds and the vegetable garden at the back.

Behind our home I've planted japanese maples in the round planting areas we put on our lower deck and have large hosta that surround them. In the foreground in front of the verdigras green threadleaf, I have asiatic lilies, deep burgandy foliage coral bells, and I've put in some dahlias for fall color later.

This area faces rather SE - the maples do fabulously well down there they seem to have just enough protection from the wind. It used to be very shady, but we lost a huge old oak tree that used to sit off behind that post lamp - we did add three norway spruce trees this spring - so there is dappled shade now but it gets quite hot and sunny.

I'd like to add a couple either ornamental grasses or shrubs there to edget that area nicely. Requirements:

1) Tolerant/thriving in rather poor soil and drought - I can amend that soil and I have but it still is rather poor soil. It's difficult to water - furthest away from the hose - I can mess with it for a season but it needs to get with the program and be happy there.

2) Needs to stay low growing - I don't want to really block the view beyond, but frame it and the path.

At one time I amended and planted some large hosta in there - it was shadier then but they never did well.

Couple photoes - this is early morning and some of them are month ago when it was earlier in the season - the area is around behind that japanese maple.


Better shot from upper deck of the entire area.


Hydrangeas grow wonderfully down in the other direction but I built nice beds back there.


My target area - I killed off the weeds with roundup - ready to fill something in. I supposed I could get a few terrace stones and stack them up to form a planting bed on that left side - that would probably help the situation a lot and allow me have something vine over the ledge...


This is why you never are finished! Suggestions?

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