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WANTED: anyone interested in doing a group seed swap

16 years ago

I've done this on another forum, I called it the fall seed fling and everyone seems to have enjoyed it a lot so I thought I'd do one here!


1. Please try to put at least 20 seeds per pack.

Send a pack of seeds that you would be happy receiving!

2. Mail your seeds no later than October 27th.

3. Send a wishlist of the seed you would like with the understanding that I'll do my best but can't guarantee that you will get what you hope for.

4. Send a SASBE (self-addressed stamped bubble envelope) with your seeds. Please make sure you have enough return postage on the envelope.

5. Please limit the maximum number of seed packs per envelope to 100. Multiple mailings are ok!

6. Send a wish list, I will try to give you what you have listed on your wish list but please let me make clear to you that I will TRY my best to fill your wish list but CANNOT GAURENTEE THAT YOU WILL GET EVERYTRHING YOU WISHED FOR

Here are the rule this swap, basically, you send as many packets of seeds as you'd like and I will send you back the number of packets that you sent, but different seeds from different people. You are allowed to send more than one packet of the same seed, though I'd prefer if you don't send more than five packets of the same thing. For rarer seeds or larger seeds, 15 seeds is an acceptable number to send. For the SASE, you can just send the postage and I will reuse your envelope. If I can't reuse your envelope, I have my own stash of used bubble envelopes that I will use so no need to go get another envelope. Please E-mail me if you intend to participate and don't forget to send me your wish list!


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