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HAVE: 3rd Annual Tomato & Pepper Seed Exchange

12 years ago

Hi everyone,

I am hosting another Tomato and Pepper seed swap that will include members from a few different forums. I wanted to post this a bit early so you have time to collect seeds or place an order.

Here are the guidelines we will follow for this swap (Note-they are slightly different from last year). color="#0000FF">

1) Seeds must be received by me no later than November 15th, so I recommend you mail your envelope no later than November 1st.

You can send "named varieties" of tomatoes or peppers (or both). Do not include mixes or seeds labeled "granny's mystery mix" or unnamed bell peppers or anything like that. I cannot, in fairness, send mixed or unknown packs of seed back to people that followed the instructions and only sent in "named varieties".

If you are sending hybrid seeds, only F1 seeds from a commercial source are acceptable. Do not send in seeds you have collected from a hybrid plant. They will not grow true to the original parent plant. If you are unsure if the seed you have collected is from a hybrid, please do your research online before mailing in your seeds.

2) A minimum of 10 seeds per packet. A maximum of 5 packets of the same seed. An overall maximum of 40 packets per person.

Please ensure seed packets are clearly marked with the name, and whether they are heirloom, OP (Open Pollinated), or F1 hybrid seeds. If you are sending pepper seeds, it would help me a great deal with sorting if you could indicate on the packages if the peppers are sweet or hot as many individuals in the last swap had clear preferences. If seeds are from a commercial source, please note that as well.

3) If you send tomato seeds, you will receive tomato seeds in return. The same idea for peppers, unless you include a note indicating you want something different in return. You can also send in tomato seeds and ask for pepper seeds in return or visa versa, or any combination. I fully expect a large variety and volume of seed types to be able to accommodate this.

4) Please include a list of what you are sending, your wish list and if there are any seeds you do

not want to receive. It is very important to take the time to write out a list of what you are sending, otherwise I have to do it for you and I do not have time for that. If you are only interested in heirloom or OP, please tell me that as well. I will try my best to accommodate your wish list, but there are no guarantees of course. The variety will be completely dependent on what is sent in. In last year's swap, we were able to fill many items on people's wish lists so please take the time to prepare one - it will be worth your while.

5) You will need to mail your seeds along with $1.22 in return postage stamps. If you are sending 10 or less seed packets, you should be fine just mailing in a regular envelope with seeds wrapped in tissue (I am happy to provide the return envelope in this case). If you are sending more than 10 seed packets, I would recommend you send a bubble envelope, with a return label inside and I will reuse the same bubble envelope to return your surprise seeds to you.

6) If you change your mind after registering, and no longer wish to participate, PLEASE notify me immediately so we do not delay the swap waiting for your seeds to arrive. This will also save me a great deal of time trying to follow up and track people down.

7) I will email you privately with my mailing address once you have posted here to sign up for this swap. You must make sure that your gardenweb profile has your email address attached and it's visible to other members, so I can contact you. Please triple check this before signing up for this swap.

Any questions. Please let me know. Let's have fun exchanging seeds !!!!


Please note - I will be out of town on business September 17th thru 26th and will not be responding to anyone during that time. color="#0000FF">

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