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Doing a new Cottage Garden flower bed.

14 years ago

I am in the stages of planning and laying out a new gardenbed that had nothing in it. About 14 feet wide by about 24 feet, can't remember what I measured it at now. It is in my backyard and were I was growing my tomatoes and veggies. I am now going to grow my tomatoes and veggies elsewhere in a new square garden space I had done last year. I had flower gardens at each end of this space, now it will just be one big backyard flower garden.

I plan to use daylilies, lilies, Siberian and Tall Bearded Iris, Dahlias, gladiolas, annuals and bulbs. For annuals I had in mind snapdragons, zinnias, cosmos and poppies. For spring bulbs, daffodils, crocus and dutch iris. Maybe some tulips.

The way I went about this was I decided on what I want to be there, flower wise. Then I set about making a layout that will make it work. I will take pictures and post them as I go along. I am just at the very beginning stages of this project now.

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