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Staking a Weeping Larch. Options?

15 years ago

Hello, thank-you to Ken for the 101 on the gardenweb forum... I'll try this again. (It seems I did start something up on a very outdated thread. My apologies.)

I am brand new to gardening (but enthusiastic about learning) and have just planted a Weeping Larch. I received little to no direction from the nursery it was purchased at and have been searching online for how to grow (specifically, how to stake) it. I've seen beautiful pictures of these trees, but haven't a clue how to achieve that result. On another thread here, I read a very interesting and seemingly helpful post by Ken, who kindly redirected me here to begin a new thread. My personal request of him was (and still is) to please repost the photos, if possible, as they were no longer available on his previous post. If anyone else has any suggestions or knows of a good resource for me I would greatly appreciate it! Again, thanks Ken. :) I hope IÂve included enough (the right) information!


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