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HAVE: Rainbow Seed Exchange/ Round Robin

14 years ago

I thought this might be a fun Round Robin/Exchange to do for the end of the summer but wanted to post it now so people can think about it and collect seeds as their flowers finish, etc. and some people only like White Gardens, or don't want anything red, etc.

After just coming off a Round Robin I organized a few months ago where the pkg kept getting delayed and lost, I decided it's best to have everyone send me their seeds, I'll sort and organize and ship them back. Less chance for people to forget to mail them and have others down the line waiting.

So here's how it works. There will be 7 Round Robins/Exchanges to participate in. Sign up for any one you wish to join or join all of them, it's up to you.

White RR (Round Robin)

Yellow RR

Pink RR

Orange RR

Red RR

Purple RR

Burgundy/Black RR

Each participant in each group will send me 5 pkgs of seeds for their color group and in return they will get 5 pkgs back in the SAME color group. Include a wish list so that if there's something out there particular you want, I'll try to fill your list for you.

Feel free to sign up for all 7 groups if you want to exchange 35 pkgs for 35 new pkgs.

If you sign up for more than one group, you can ship them all in one pkg to me but please segregate the seeds by group or at least mark on the pkg what color group the seeds go to. I'm not familiar with all the plants and their names/colors so it's easier this way than for me to look up each plant and see what color it is, what group it should belong to, etc.

We need a minimum of 3 participants in each color group, so that there's a variety for those joining, but it's not limited to a maximum. The more people that join a group, the higher the chances of getting something on your wish list.

Each pkg of seeds should be a minimum of a tsp of seeds or can be a full commercial pkg. This is a mix of Annuals and Perennials, but no herbs or veggies. Please indicate color, name, latin name (if possible) and any other info you have on it, ie if it's fragrant, hummingbird attractant, sun/part shade, etc.

Post your interest to join on this thread and then send me a direct email, letting me know what group you're joining. Only gardenweb members can join, so i'll need to see your post on this thread if you want to join.

If at the end of the season, you realize you have enough to join another color group,that's not a problem, just let me know via email.

Cut off for participating will be Sept 15th and seeds must be mailed out to me by Sept 30th so that I can have them sorted and organized and back in the mail by Oct 7th for those that wish to fall sow or winter sow.

I'll post updates throughout so people know how many participants there are in their group. Don't forget to include your wish list with your seeds so I can keep those aside for you, if they come in.

Should be a fun 7 exchanges and great for those that have color themed gardens!

enjoy the summer and I look forward to collecting seeds myself for this!

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