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What to place on top of root ball? Tips and Suggestions?

Hey guys,

I planted a few large conifers which include a Weeping Alaskan Cedar, A Weeping White Spruce and a A Weeping Norway Spruce. I mixed half of the native soil with Miracle Gro Trees and Shrub Soil. I made the holes at least 2-3 times larger than the size of the burlap.

I placed the trees in the hole and filled them with the mixed soil. I made sure that the trees were 1-3 inches higher than the outside ground to allow for settling.

After I planted the trees I watered them well to eliminate air pockets. It's been 90 degrees here so I've been watering the trees every day. I read that I should not place soil or mulch on top of the burlap on newly planted trees. Is this true?

Is there anything I can place on the burlap to cover it up or should I leave nothing on top of it? The temps are in the 80's now, how often should I water the trees? Also any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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