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CORRECTIONS - Good Days to Plant Annuals and Sow Seeds

15 years ago

My previous Post for Astrological Gardening was created using an inferior (un-named) Almanac. I discovered my error today when I got my Old Farmer's Almanac and consulted it. So I wanted to post this correction for others.

My apologies! I learned my lesson. Not all Farmer's Almanacs are the same.

April 1-3: the Moon is in Cancer (the most fertile sign) - according to the Old Farmer's Almanac.

- Great for all Above Ground Annual Flowers and Crops

So, I got the following Flowers & Veggies planted:

1. Gourmet Lettuces (around half of my roses).

2. Rosie O'Day pink Allysum in front of those roses and in front of the cabbages I planted in between the roses.

3. Calif. Poppies along the stepping stones.

4. Rose Campion in the back of the pink and blue irises.

5. Rose O'Day pink Allysum here and there in front of the roses along the main path.

6. Bibb Lettuce seed around those roses

7. Seas shell Cosmos at the back on one end.

8. Candy Cane Zinnias at the back on the other end.

9. Transplanted two Italian Parsley plants to the other end in front along the roses.

  1. Snapdragons at back.
  2. Statice behind the Snaps.
  3. "Covent Garden" white Baby's Breath , here and there.
  4. Forget-Me-Nots near entrance of Potager
  5. English Daisies in a swath through the Irises (mixed colors)
  6. Blue Flax
  7. Clara Curtis Mums - in pots
  8. Coreopsis, Early Sunrise - in pots
  9. Fruit trees in big pots - Key Lime; Papaya "Sunrise"; Japanese Persimmon "Fuyu"; Yellow-flesh Guava; Meiwa Kumquat. (California Dreamin'...on such a 'dreary' day.)

Tomorrow, I plan to plant:

1. yellow crookneck squash - in pots

2. Calabash, "Greyzini Zucchini" -striped Mexican grey-zucchini squash - in pots

3. Squash, "Cocozelle", Italian green & white-striped Zooks

4. Mesclun salad

5. Spinach, Teton

6. Coriander/Ciantro

7. Lime Basil

8. Dill, Dukat (best for leaves)

9. Lettuce, Romaine

  1. Turnip, Seven Top (just grows the yummy, peppery greens)
  2. Verbena, (annual) mixed colors
  3. Catnip, under the fruit trees - for my "little lions"
  4. Zinnias: State Fair, Dreamland, Cut and Come again, Zinnia Whirlygig, Zinnia Profusion "Cherry", Zinnia Giant "Enchantress", Candy Cane, Giant "Purity", Giant "Violet Queen", Giant "California", Zinnia Giant "Cactus flowered, mixed.

I may not get them all the Zinnias sowed, but I sure am going to try! :)

It sounds like a lot, but the seeds are small and I won't be planting but a few of each variety! whata-whata-flower


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