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hydrangea paniculata pink diamond : paniculata, hardy hydrangea

13 years ago

I'm working on three garden areas at a time as always ;) and though I won't finish any of them enough to look like much for several years, I always try to buy what I can when I can find it on sale. A couple of years ago I sunk a small fortune into Viburnum shrubs that were supposed to be hardy in my "zone 4b" (Ha!) climate. The plan was to enclose my kitchen/potager garden with them. The drought that summer didn't help them much, to get really well established, and then they were hit with -25F. temps that winter. Much colder than zone 4b is supposed to be. I lost all but 2 of them which then succumbed to the first 90F. days that we had last summer. This past winter we spent many nights at -32F. and I lost a lot more plants and trees.

I'm thinking of trying this again with a different, more cold hardy, shrub and I gotta get it right this time. It's getting wayyyy expensive to replace half my garden every year. I have been reading reviews and information for Paniculata, Pink Diamond. The information I have read says this shrub will love either full sun or half sun/half shade and is hardy in zones 3-10. It grows 6ft. tall and 8-10 ft. wide. It sounds like a good size for a garden enclosure, or am I dreaming? I will say that I have tried Lime Light twice and Quick Fire once and lost all of them.

Can any of you in Zone 3-4, that grow Pink Diamond, tell me how it is growing for you and what kind of growing conditions you have it planted in? Like sun/shade, high temp/low temp, soil type, and additional soil amendments you have needed to add to get it to grow and bloom well etc.?



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