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HAVE: Fall Green Elephant Plant Swap Saturday Nov 4

16 years ago

You are invited
to the
Redmond, Washington

Saturday November 4, 2006
10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.
Article about the Green Elephant Plant Swap

{{gwi:677698}} The Green Elephant Plant Swap is a Spring / Fall event: First Saturday in March; First Saturday in November.

Exchange and share plants, seeds, corms tubers, cuttings, yard art, pots, flats, etc. from your yard with other gardeners. No Sales. Just trades or freebies, please.

The Green Elephant is hosted in North Redmond, Washington, at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross; The site offers parking, covered areas, indoor facilities, kitchen, lots of lawn, and playground. ItÂs five minutes from I-405 and I-520.

Directions and Maps to the Church of the Holy Cross

Contact: Jim Eichner
Cell Phone 425-223-7249

street address is:
11526 - 162nd Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052

Tailgating Encouraged

The format for the trade is like a tailgate party. You just pull into the parking lot and open up your trunk to display your treasures. Traders exchange expert gardening information as well as plant materials. In two hours all the deals are sealed.

The Green Elephant is convenient for trading bareroot plants. Simply dig and divide perennials bareroot to trade. They are dormant and can be transplanted with no shock.

Since most plants are dormant by Nov., it helps to label your plants clearly. If possible write the common name, the latin name, and cultivar or variety if you know it. Also any interesting attributes of the plant: height, leaf shape or size, color, variegation, flower color. If a trader can see what this brown lump of roots will look like when it grows, it helps seal the deal.

Take Home 25 new plants from the Fall Seed Exchange at The Potting Station
This year IÂve set up a large potting bench under a covered area. It is equipped with flats, plant labels, pots and potting soil. Bring your freshly gathered seeds from this fall. If all goes as planned each person will go home with a flat of 25 four-inch pots of winter sown seeds.

Nothing to trade? No problem there are plenty of free plants for everyone
The Green Elephant Plant Swap is a great place to start your garden. Many traders love to help new gardeners get started. Come and ask questions, get advice, schmooze a little and youÂll walk away with some goodies. Bring some homemade cookies; gardeners are a pushover for food.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Green Elephant Plant Swap

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