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conifer suggestions for my front yard

10 years ago

Hi, I'm really at a loss as to what kinds of conifers I should plant in one of the beds in my front yard. I'm looking for year-round interest, hence why I'll be planting mainly conifers...not all, but mainly.

I've attached four photos to show the current state of my front yard; the mainly empty bed to the far right is the one I'm wanting to fill. I'm doing this now so that once the fall comes, it'll just be a matter of buying and planting the plants.

So you know, the area gets "full sun" and is a USDA zone 5. The soil has a bit of clay but generally speaking, I think all with be fine as there are other conifers growing there with ease.

I'm not really sure if as-a-whole, the yard looks too busy already, so I find it difficult to decide if I should plant groups of same plants or if I'm still safe with a mixture and plants? Shape is also a concern I have. I seem to have plenty of pointy cone shaped plants so would any more be okay or would it overdo it?

From the Emerald Green Arborvitaes to the sidewalk I was was thinking of some kind of staggered screen reducing in height as it approaches the sidewalk. I'm wanting to fill-in the rest of the mulched area too but with lower growing plants, but I'm unsure about what might be the better choice to put there. Colours, shapes, and textures are all concerns.

I have access to several large nurseries so the potential is there to plant something really interesting.

Another thing I question is if I should replace the large Alberta Spruce with something more to scale and with a different shape. With such a mature tree, I would feel kind of bad cutting it down, or maybe not. Sometimes I think something better should be there.

Oh, when looking at the photos, don't pay attention to the rocks under the Alberta Spruce and in front of the Arborvitaes. They haven't found their permanent place yet.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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