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plants need to go but which one? help!

11 years ago

So many things and so little space. Help me decide which to get rid of.

In my tiny front bed, i've many salvias and lavenders, among many other plants. This spot is packed with




joe pye weed

salvia midnight

salvia cordona

echinacea magnum

blue thistle

rudbeckia goldsturm


Jerusalem sage(pink)

lavenders (french)

delphiniums (not performing at optimum now)

How should I determine which goes? Should I add more alliums and remove the tulips. This list does not bear all the listed plants in this spot. That is because I cannot recall what else are there now.


I'm planning to remove my pond and place a raised vegetable bed there. This also means I would have to remove a small garden bed there and move them elsewhere. Help give me an idea if these plants are worth saving.

Joe Pye Weed


Golsturm rudbekia

a day lily

a bugloss

blue fescue grasses

hydrangea angelica.


Also in yet another fence - I've 3 different vines, a honeysuckle, a climbing hydrangea and a dutchman's pipe...One hss to go - and so which one?

You see Ive no room to put these plants. If these are keepers, then I would have to remove other plants to bring these plants in. so one way or another something has to go.

Signing off

The Plant Hoarder

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