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Leyland Cypress not doing well. Please help!

15 years ago

We had a landscaper plant 21 Leylands in our backyard in the beginning of June. When they were planted, the trees were in pretty good shape - the leaves were green. Each had a 30 lb rootball and they were tied in burlap. The trees were purchased from a nursery here in VA. After buying the trees, the landscaper had laid them in our yard (sideways) and it was a couple of days before they were planted.

Many of them are turning brown. We have been watering them pretty consistently. If it doesn't rain, we water. How much water do they need? Why are they turning brown? I checked the stem on the brownest tree is still green inside so I know it's not dead but please help!! The landscaper is not returning our calls and is not coming to see the trees. We got a 1 year guarantee on the trees from him but it's all verbal. I'm really at a loss. Please help!

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