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Cottage Garden Reconstruction -- Need Advice

14 years ago

I am stuck inside because it is raining and am trying to do some planning. I would really appreciate some input.

I am redoing this area. My driveway is in my backyard, so nearly everyone enters the house this way. This is the first area I did when we moved in 10 years ago. I filled it with the old-fashioned flowers I love which reseeded and led to a jolly jumble.

Now I want a slightly more structured garden that looks good year-round. Last fall I planted some small trees and shrubs. (area much larger than photos show) This spring I ordered some more roses. Then I'll fill in with my favorites like foxgloves and lady's mantle.


I planted a small globe arborvitae for "accent" (Thuja Danica) supposed to stay under 2 feet) but it looked strange by itself so I moved it closer to the end of the walkway. Now it looks looks like it needs a twin on the other side. BUT this area is sloped and the left side of the walkway is higher than the right and they might look mismatched and / or too formal for this area, especially with the stone markers.

Would you use another globe on the left? Put the stone markers elsewhere? Move the globe elsewhere?



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