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HAVE: Recipe for herb sauce

12 years ago

For whoever it was who wanted this recipe (I think it was Teresa, but age is taking its toll and I'm not sure), here it is:

Frankfurter Grune Sosse (Frankfurt Green Sauce)

Minced chives

Minced parsley

Minced chervil

Minced borage

Minced tarragon

Minced savory (summer savory is best, but winter savory will do)

Minced sorrel

Minced watercress

Minced corn salad (mache)

Touch of dill

Either oil, vinegar and a touch of sugar, or sour cream, mixed with a little vinegar or milk to thin.

Chopped hard-cooked eggs are often added.

Mix all the ingredients and serve over boiled potatoes or fish. The amounts of each ingredient are a matter of taste, and all ingredients donÂt have to be used. This is pretty much a free-style recipe. Enjoy.

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